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Strict street cat thawed in the hands of a new mistress

The Akron Zoo (Ohio) received a special, very severe cat. Grumpiness is his middle name, and it is written on his muzzle!

And it was the grumpy muzzle that helped the street cat find a family of your dreams. His photos have become so remarkable that they glorified him on the entire Facebook.

I am sitting behind bars, in a shelter with cheese

A cat named Giggle has an amazing facial expression. By itself, he is not at all so dissatisfied and angry, but his muzzle reflects the opposite. Many Internet users wanted the stern cat Giggle to their home

Here is the post on the Internet that started it all:

Despite his stern appearance, the cat was friendly and polite to people from the very beginning, so he was caught.

Volunteers meticulously studied the dossiers of all applicants and gave the cat into the best hands

The newly minted owners immediately created an Instagram account for Giggle, where you can make sure that the cat is doing well. Even from his serious face, you can see that he is purring.

You need to be able to relax, but at the same time keep an unapproachable facial expression

However, the new owners say that the pet is very cute.

Giggle has become so popular that volunteers ask his new owner to periodically share memes with the cat in their Facebook group in order to attract more people who want to adopt shelter pupils.

So, Giggle became the face of the animal shelter Riggi Rescue Ohio

So many Christmas decorations, and everything has to be destroyed

Giggle, who got a second chance, took advantage of it and makes new owners happy every day.

First night in a new place

From photo about it is clear that he purrs nicely.

Source: bezkota.ru

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