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15 animals that do not live, but enjoy their lives

Admit that you are jealous of your cat. She sleeps, eats, doesn't go to work, and they pet her when she wants to.

People can only dream of such a thing, but we ourselves are to blame – we wanted civilization and now we bear its burden. But the animals are just enjoying life!

Hugs with best friend

Fermented apples , sweet and intoxicating!

Happiness? Yes, there is!

When I learned Zen

The fluffy ass of a shemale sticks out of each flower

Happiness? Yes, there is!

Show starts !

How can you be sad with such face?

I'm on sweetest in the world?

Dance like no one is watching

I don't see any problems, so they don't exist!

So that's what this wool is for!

Cat Madonna

P is! Peace, I say!

Luxury Beast

It's good when you can take your time!

Looking for delicious

Carefree children of nature. And we could be like that, but we have grown intelligence on our heads.

Source: lemurov.net

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