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A kitten with an irresistible face finds a family – temporary, but very loving

Lonely kitten is happy to be with his family and get everything his soul asks for.

A week ago, Laura Malone, director of Mini Cat Town, adopted a kitten from a municipal shelter that needed care from guardians. A tiny little blackie was found all alone, without any information about the whereabouts of his mother. in the orphanage.

Soon after the housewarming, he felt quite comfortable, had a hearty meal and curled up in Laura's arms to take a sweet nap. As if he knew that she could and should be trusted.

“He is already eating canned food and looks quite pleased. Sometimes single kittens scream a lot, but this one is very quiet and calm,” says Laura.

Being already thoroughly washed and fed, the kitten looked around in the new abode. He was given the name Koda in honor of the cartoon character “Brother Bear”.

Getting a lot of attention from all sides and sleeping in a comfortable nest, Koda quickly revealed his playful side and showed how loud he can purr.

Every time he needs to recharge, he crawls into a person’s arms, pulls his paws and moves them with a purr, falling asleep.

There are many beds in the room for his taste, but Koda most of all likes to be on the hands of a person or on his knees.

As a loner, he urgently needs a partner. At home, the boy is happy because he receives affection on demand.

Watch the cute kitten Koda in the video:

Seeing Daddy, Coda rushes to him for hugs. The boy set out to fall in love with everyone he meets on his way.

Koda has a special blanket that he sleeps with at night, and it will go with him wherever he moves. Also, the foster family gave him a toy rabbit to play wrestling with.

“Singles are biting due to the fact that there are no siblings around to wrestle with. I try to distract Koda with soft toys – I give him the impression that these are other cats that attack him. ”

Laura is going to introduce him to kittens of the same age, it remains only to wait for the permission of the veterinarian. In the meantime, cutie Koda is making ropes from his adoptive parents.

He has become incredibly tame and a big fan of purring.

Koda begins to explore the space around the arena, trains the skills of jumping and cat noiselessness .

The muscles of his legs are not yet fully strengthened, but Koda is trying to climb, as best he can, on all vertical surfaces. He has yet to grow and grow, but his character has already formed a lot.

The black baby thrives and is happy in the circle of a temporary family that adores him. He looks at them with big affectionate eyes, for which everything is allowed to him.

About a week after Koda's rescue, he has increased in size, fluffed up and manifests himself in all its glory.

Kitten walks around the house, showing off his newly grown mane.

Although he is not talkative at all, Koda's look and facial expressions are so eloquent that the guardians always understand what he wants.

Koda Bear enjoys a privileged life and fondles his people sweetly.

Source: bezkota.ru

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