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Little chihuahua waits all day for the main person in life

A tiny chihuahua puppy, named Frannie, gave her heart to a man the very next day, as soon as she settled in a new house. About the quivering love of a dog for the postman. local postal worker. This is a unique case, because dogs are usually a headache for delivery service employees. But the sensitive Franny is not in vain so attached to Dan, the man has been working in the area for many years and gets along well with all the residents.

That day, the postman, as usual, was delivering parcels and correspondence in a service van, and the hostess came out to him with Franny. Seeing a cute puppy, the postman, of course, wanted to pet him, and then picked him up.

The baby was so sweet that the man simply melted, he behaved like a loving grandfather with his granddaughter, tenderly and lisped. Frannie at that moment was in seventh heaven with pleasure, she immediately licked Dan and was convinced that he was the main person in her life.

Now, the daily ritual of a six-month-old dog, immediately after breakfast, sit down window and start waiting for Dan.

The beloved postman goes on the route every day and, although mail does not come to the owner of his favorite often, he stops at their house every time to chat with his “fan” . Interestingly, the dog always knows in advance when Dan will drive up, and as soon as his white van appears around the corner, Frannie's joy knows no bounds.

Seeing how the pet is trembling with excitement, the mistress immediately dresses and fastens the leash to her collar. One has only to open the doors, and happy Franny flies to meet her best friend to tell how much she missed him.

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