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She captured the last day spent with her dog in the pictures. Then she drives him to the clinic

There is something very special about dogs. Besides being best friends, they deserve loyalty and a lot of love for a reason. And for us owners, it is tragic that almost always our friend has to leave before us.

When you know the day is coming and there is nothing you can do about it. All you can do is pour all your love into the rest of your canine life. However, you are closing an important chapter in your life in which you and your best friend have had so many wonderful moments. And then you know it's over and you will never see your beloved dog again.

One woman decided to document her canine companion's last perfect day. It is an incredibly touching story that brought us to tears as well.

I don't know if she already knows or not.
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In the post titled “Dogs are too amazing to leave behind. Even though sometimes they will forgive you everything, “the young woman shows us what it means to love a dog so much that you are able to let it go.

She trusts me and lets me choose. No matter how difficult this decision may be.

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The woman does not explain the circumstances in which the dog has to go, but makes it clear that the time has come. The dog, a biscuit Labrador, looks pleased with his happy and long life.

I know she's tired now.

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Anyone who has had to make a choice to say goodbye to their beloved animal knows how difficult this decision is. Usually, the age or disease of the animal is decisive.

The stairs are heavy. The hills are like mountains. Medicines do not help

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For an elderly and sick dog, everything it is very hard to handle. Sometimes treatment is even cruel, the animal does not understand why it has to suffer. Sometimes the time is so short that the dog doesn't deserve to endure more.

If I have to make a choice.

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Age and illness made the woman choose what would be better for her companion. She finally decides to let her beloved dog go away painlessly surrounded by people she loves.

I will make the last day the most wonderful

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However, to say goodbye, the woman decided that the last the day will be the most wonderful the dog has ever experienced.

Aromatherapy, to relax and smell great

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Visit a beauty salon first.

Small beauty stamp

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After visiting the spa, time for other embellishments. A badge on the hair to feel like a princess!

I'm beautiful

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Beautiful bandana with a declaration of beauty, but she already knows it! Then front seat riding, the best dog entertainment!

Last delicious meal

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Stop at McDonald's for burgers on the way home!

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Such delicacies did not happen often . Still feeding by her best friend, just enjoy!

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After returning home, it's time for the last moments with your loved ones.

It's hard to smile but I love her so much

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Collecting the last memories.

Family goodbye

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photos will be the only proof of great memories.

Old friends. Last Day of Fun

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Not only people want to say goodbye. Playing with your canine friends is the last chance to become a puppy for a while.

Enjoying the air

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After having fun, it's time to relax with your loved ones.

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While relaxing, Mum continues the beauty treatments.

Beautiful nails

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The last day is good even for unusual activities.

She is my beautiful old lady

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The owner does everything to make the dog feel all the love and devotion. The bond is unbreakable, although it is so hard to come to terms with fate.

On my mother's knees on the way to the clinic

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Return to the clinic at the end of the day. This is the last trip.

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Falling asleep surrounded by love, she closes her eyes for the last time. Her time is up.


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