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A few proofs that cats and winter are not made for each other

Do you think that cats feel good in winter, because they have a fur coat? This is not so at all – it is even worse for them than for us.

Here are some proofs of this.

one. Can I stay here forever?

2. If you leave your cat on the street, you run the risk of stumbling upon it;

3. The unfortunate cat has frostbitten paws, stands and cannot take a single step;

four. Get me out of this white and nasty muck, meow!

5. If you open the door, I will become the most obedient cat in the world …

6. So I found my saving island among this horror …

7. Can you tell me how to touch the snow with as few paws as possible?

eight. I'm in ambush, but there are no birds here, which is a pity. And the place is not bad…

9. When he invited his cat to go get some fresh air;

ten. Another disgruntled cat.

Source: duck.show

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