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A brave cat decided to catch luck by the tail and went straight to the balcony of one woman

Svetlana Karavaeva has always been sure of this! She knew for sure that if you really want something, the desire will come true. Maybe even at the most unexpected moment …

And Sveta really wanted a cat or a cat. The fact is that a not very pleasant story happened to the girl – she accidentally sprained her leg.

The doctors said that everything was healing well, but Svetlana had to wear a bandage with a special healing ointment . Yes, and the leg often ached, which also annoyed the girl in order.

“Oh, I would like a kitty now! I wish she would come, lay down next to me, warm my sore leg … Then no ointments are needed – a purring “doctor” would help to cope with the disease!” – thought the girl.

It was then that the most unexpected thing happened! As if by order, in the month of August, Sveta was found by her cat … And he appeared on his own.

One day Svetlana decided to go out on the balcony in the evening to get some fresh air. Imagine the surprise of the girl when she realized that she had a company. After all, someone was already sitting on the balcony!

It was a small, flea-ridden kitten. He just opened his eyes and didn't even know how to blink properly. Where do you think it came from?

It turns out that in the courtyard of the house where Svetlana lives, a caring pensioner feeds homeless cats. But the granny needed to go to the country, so the pets began to look for other “tasty” places. One cat began to visit Sveta on the balcony. Most likely, it was she who brought her kitten to the girl.

Of course, Svetlana was delighted with such a “gift”! But her mother did not share her daughter's enthusiasm, saying that she did not really like cats. Nevertheless, the purr remained to live with Sveta, who believes that only with the appearance of a furry friend does it become cozy in the house.

The cat was shown to the veterinarian, who prescribed all the necessary medicines to treat the baby. In addition, he advised to feed the baby with cat's milk replacer and give him vitamins. Well, in honor of the brownie, as you understand.

Svetlana says that the cat is wayward and is always not averse to misbehaving, but she simply cannot be angry with him. Even if the pet opens the doors in the chiffonier and falls asleep inside, even if he tries to destroy the lampshade from the night light, everything gets off his paws.

By the way, Nafanya's taste preferences are very non-standard! If you have a marshmallow, a piece of chocolate or a pinch of ground coffee, the cat will be happy to meet you.

This is such a “balcony surprise”! But the main thing in this story is that everyone is satisfied and happy.

Source: popularnoe.net

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