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A dozen shots of grown pets, which over the years have only increased the charm

When we take a puppy or a small cat into the house, we are well aware that they will grow up and soon simply cease to be tiny babies. However, time flies quickly and imperceptibly, and now it’s not a baby running around in the house, but a completely adult animal.

shots 'then vs. now”. And today, almost every owner of an animal has such photos.

“And here is my favorite cat two years later.”

“Found old pictures of your own cat, and it turned out to be such a great comparison. ”

That's the difference!

Only one year difference.

A year later, he looks like a plush toy, though a little more vicious.

Years go by, but your favorite toys never change.

Master and Wiggles thirteen years later!

Eight weeks vs. five years.

“Our first and our fourteenth year together!”

“Incredible growth of my Maine Coon”.

Source: duck.show

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