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Kittens with nice smiles are so dependent on each other that you can only shelter two of them at once

Two kitten friends fawn over everyone they meet and hope to get into the family of their dreams together.

Red kittens Zip and Zap were picked up in a cat colony near Nashville (Tennessee). Kiki, a foster volunteer at Nashville Cat Rescue, worked tirelessly alongside a caring local resident, catching cats, kittens, and helping those in need. right after they were rescued. The new environment confused them at first, but, having become better acquainted with home life after sterilization and castration, they completely recovered.

Realizing that nothing threatened them, the brother and sister became extremely sweet and loving. They tirelessly hugged, purred and licked themselves in the comfort of their new abode.

Zap loved to spread himself on his sister, lying on top of her, and Zipa looked happy next to her brother. “If this is not true affection, then what then?”

In a couple of weeks, their connection only became stronger. They learned to get along with people and other cats in the house, but were rarely apart. “They are obsessed with each other and always hug!”.

“They are inseparable. Even playing with other cats, they are still attracted to each other. It was immediately clear, even when I caught them (in the cat colony), and even here, that they are best friends,” says Kiki.

“Their number one hobby is snuggle up to each other. I think they are very grateful that they are safe, can relax, without fear of freezing, without worrying about the next meal, away from dangers.

“These lovebirds are picked up from a wild cat colony, but as you can see, they are far from wild. Both actively welcome strokes on the head and turn audibly at the sound of human voices. They appreciate our protection, comfort, warmth and love,” Nashville Cat Rescue animal rights activists say.

Watch the cuties Zipu and Zap on the video:

Zipa sticks her muzzle into human hands and demands affection at every opportunity. Zap, seeing this, immediately follows her example and joins the bliss session.

“Zap likes to chat, or rather meow squeaky. She loves her toys, as well as walking after a person and kissing on the nose. He loves to be picked up and his favorite place to kiss is his cute forehead,” say the rescuers.

“Zipa is charming. She makes sure that all her cat friends are licked and cuddled. She will definitely demand affection from you, and if she doesn’t receive it, she will stroke your hand herself. ”

“I'm glad to be a part of their story and very glad that I can help even more cats “, – adds Kiki.

Two kittens cannot live without each other and hope to find the owners of their common dream…