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15 Hardworking Dogs Just Trying to Earn Food

These dogs do not eat their food in vain – they help their owners and benefit society.

BuzzFeed presented a selection of photos of these smart dogs.

one. This is a very experienced video game developer.

2. When he brought his dog to work, and she brought her own.

3. This dog is able to sniff out “sick” hives.

four . Biscuit is an official employee of the Morale Officer National Trust.

5. This lucky seller is selling durian!

6. This dog was once rescued from a burning house, and now he is saving others.

7. This shaggy guy obviously works, unlike the others.

eight. This dog conscientiously chases birds off the runway.

9. This puppy “works part-time” referee.

ten. Professional grocer.

eleven. In my neon vest at work every day.

12. This little cashier will help you buy stickers for your laptop.

13. This furry leads a very efficient intercompany document delivery service.

fourteen. These swimmers quickly got the cattle out of the flood!

fifteen. And finally, this caring dog who understands that we all need support sometimes.

How do you like these “workers”?

Source: lifter.com .ua

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