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A dog is like photoshop, but in a couple of minutes it can charm everyone

Anna-Maria Giannini, a resident of the United States of America, saw an ad online that breeders were adopting Tibetan Spaniel puppies.

She went to look at the babies and immediately noticed that one of the little dogs was very different from her brothers and sisters.

“When I arrived, I was told that one of the puppies had a deformed body and they couldn’t find him a home. Because of this, he could be euthanized. But I already fell in love with him and planned our next year together before the owners finished their frightening speech, ”Anna-Maria said when she had already taken the baby home.

As it turned out, the dog a genetic mutation that caused her spine to not fully develop, a condition called short spine syndrome. This does not prevent Tilly from enjoying life.

on a chair and take care of her coat, but with all this, Tilly is helped by her loving mistress. She still loves the dog just as she did when they first met.

Anna-Maria Giannini stated: “When I took her away, she was a small, dirty, fluffy ball. She fit perfectly in my hand, and as we drove home from there, she lay on my lap and looked at me with her big brown eyes. I knew that she needed me, and I myself needed her. ”

She is a little offended that cruel memes are made with Tilly, but she understands that not all people will be able to perceive her unusual dog like a normal pet.

As the woman says, “being different is something special.”

Source: lemurov.net

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