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Dogs that won the Audience Choice Award

Not all dogs are good girls and boys. After all, among them there are those who are even better! In our selection today, you will see the dogs that have earned the most likes from Internet users.

Ralph himself never climb into the bathroom. However, fireworks suddenly exploded in the street.

Rescue dog named Frida received a well-deserved monument.

Maverick helps a blind person lead a normal life.

Puppy Jake, rescued from the fire, became a full-fledged firefighter.

And this dog can walk on water.

Paddington gives the opportunity for small dogs to sleep on their tail.

Dog Narwhal with a tail on his forehead.

The only panda dog in the world.

He is very proud that he found the lost baby.

Adorable dog works as a professional food taster various sweets.

Source: duck.show

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