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Ten proofs that we all need to get a pet

One folk wisdom says “A woman is not small for trouble, but she bought a pig.” A pig can easily be replaced with a kitten or a puppy. After all, it's not that important. Since “klopot”, that is, vanity, chores, is guaranteed after that!

At least the concept of boredom will leave you immediately, if at all there is time to be bored. There will be a lot of reasons to quickly take a smartphone and shoot everything that happens.

The cat knows exactly how to look spectacular in the photo.

Pug is happy to see his new mustachioed friend.

Destroyed everything and blissfully rests, gaining new strength.

Apparently the cat really began to melt in the sun.

He has a special gift for you.

Just make a scrambled egg out of a cat!

Just a few pieces of paper with eyes, and what an incredible effect!

Domestic platypus, thoroughbred, however, alas, stupid.

What cat would refuse slippers? Especially if they are so bright and interesting?

This is just how a modern, electronic cat is recharged.

Source: duck.show

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