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A cat with an inimitable appearance finds help for himself and his child, and everything smiles and smiles


The tabby cat is happy to find a family that she trusts so much that she even allows her to care for her only child.

In early March, a long-haired tabby cat named Scarlet came to the volunteers of the animal rights activists Ashley's Kitten Academy ( in Seattle, Washington) with her only kitten, Scout.

At first, she was very nervous and afraid, but, having met the family of her guardians, she calmed down and even began to purr. Scout was only a few days old, and all the attention of his mother belonged to him. Scarlet wrapped herself around her only kitten and bathed him in love.

“It's not often that mothers with one kitten come to me. This boy is going to be absolutely spoiled,” says Ashley Morrison, founder of Ashley's Kitten Academy. Scarlet needed a medical examination. She had a suspiciously large bump on one side and a patch of matted hair on the other.”

The veterinarian cured the bump, which turned out to be an abscess, and put the striped kitty in order.

With proper care, good food and comfortable conditions, Scarlet's appetite was restored. She loosened up and began to show her real temper.

The mother cat lacks upper fangs, and the expression of her muzzle is inimitably charming. Often she sticks out her tongue while doing something.

“She is glad to see me when I enter the room – she starts to purr and wants to have her back scratched,” Ashley says.

Recovered, Scarlet began to eat well, became energetic and was able to focus on raising her little copy. The kitten quickly learned to purr, which he did every time he drank his mother's milk.

Gaining weight and strength, Scout began to explore, wander in a waddling. Scarlet encouraged him, pushing him in the back, as if telling him to keep going.