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The girl bought a yard cat on the market, and in the end she got a completely unusual cat

Most recently Masha bought a little cat and decided to name him Barsik. The animal grew, pleased its mistress. He skillfully played, ate and drank, and also showed that he was absolutely healthy. But, the cat was constantly sleeping, however, all cats like to do this.

After a year of living with Maria, she began to notice that the cat was rapidly gaining weight and height. By the year it had increased in size to 2 meters, and its weight was more than 12 kilograms. It was a clear excess of the norm.

Maria decided Take your pet to the vet to see if he's okay. At the reception, the doctor dumbfounded the girl, saying that one of Barsik's parents was a meikun cat or a wild cat. It is impossible to say exactly, but this is the only explanation for such a rapid growth of the animal.

As a result, Maria spends a lot of money to buy food for Barisk, because his appetite is greater than that of any other cat. But, she does not consider and does not think about it. The main thing is that she manages to live in conditions when Barisk is sleeping.

Believe me, hearing growling at night is still a pleasure. But the girl does not regret at all that she once acquired this cute ball of wool in the market.

Source: duck.show

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