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A cat named Piran saved his owner

An ordinary black cat named Piran lived with his 83-year-old owner. Everything was fine with them until one Saturday morning, when Grandma did not return from a walk. Grandma's neighbors were attentive and caring. They very quickly realized that trouble had happened.

And they went in search. Only they had no idea where to look for the old woman. Here the cat Piran came to the rescue. Not just came, but literally jumped out to meet people and began to scream loudly.

The neighbors realized that this was not an accident – Piran was the grandmother's favorite, everyone knew about it.

And the people followed the cat. Piran led them to a fence that stood on the edge of a steep ravine. A hole was found in the fence, examining which the grandmother fell from a height of almost 20 meters.

Dense vegetation in the ravine softened the fall. But she also played a cruel joke – if not for the cat, people would never have guessed where to look for the old woman.

An elderly woman spent several hours in the ravine and was already desperate to get help. But the rescuers arrived and, after spending about 2 hours, managed to get her out of the trap in which she found herself. The old woman was taken to the hospital, and now her life is not in danger.

And Piran became famous all over the world. And also – received a commendation from the local police department.

Source: duck.show

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