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“I don’t have a cat” – funny stories when cats came to visit and did strange things

Have you ever been woken up by strange sounds in your apartment? Or have you ever heard meowing outside your window? Oh, it's just a cat.

Wait, you mean you don't have a cat? If you think that it is people who choose their pets, then you are greatly mistaken.

Cats are known to have a special view on certain things and follow their own inexplicable logic. The choice of their owners (or rather servants) is no exception.

“My parents started feeding a stray cat a couple of weeks ago. This is what their porch looked like today”

“This is not my dog and not my cat. But they come to my house every day”

“This cat once appeared on my brother's farm. His brother took him to the vet and his 10-year-old daughter saw the cat and said that she had always dreamed of such a cat. Meet, now his name is Popeye “

“I opened my window to smoke when I suddenly heard a meow. This guy climbed into my window “

“I woke up this morning and saw this”

“So I walked into the kitchen at 5:45 am and saw a cat in the sink. But she is not mine! ”

“I found this little squeaky guy in my backyard”

“This stray cat has lived in our yard all summer. Today we decided to let him in so he could warm up. After a couple of hours, we saw this “

“This guy showed up at my door last night. He seems to be my owner now”

“At 2:45 am, I found this asshole at my house. I do not have a cat!”

“This guy came to my parents' garden. He has a black heart on his nose “

“This guy jumped in my truck just to be with me for a bit”

“We heard a noise in our auto repair shop and decided set a trap. We caught this guy”

“So I came home, looked into the bathroom and saw this. I do not own a cat”

“I came home and saw this. I do not have a cat”

“He jumped in the car and wouldn't let me leave without him”

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