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7 reasons to let your dog nap in bed


Most people are of the opinion that a dog in a human bed has nothing to do! Say, six, dirt, fleas …

That is, beds for people, not for dogs, even the most indoor . And this idea has been inculcated in the minds of the public for decades. But our goal is to prove the fallacy of such ideas.

Do you want to know the good and wonderful reasons for the admissibility of resting in the same bed of a dog and you ? Up to the point that in an embrace? And you. And it would be useful for your woolly friend…

  • Comfort.

This is also a reduction in stress from anything, so much so that any fears and phobias will recede. And the retreat of all adversity with complete inner peace. Your furry friend is able to absorb all the negativity, giving positive emotions in return. Stress Relief

Dogs are able to increase your resistance to stress – simply because of their cheerful canine nature! They're all optimists, didn't you know? In their kind look, all the problems that they take away from you are dissolved, leaving only the best in return.

  • A bunch of warmth as a gift

Moreover, heat is not only physical – when they cuddle with a warm side, curled up into a tail-nose-body shape. They also warm the soul, yes, yes, yes! In summer, perhaps, such warmth will be superfluous for you, but in winter it is indispensable!

  • “No!” a feeling of anxiety

The dog is always on guard of the peace of his master and in no case will he allow, for something bad to happen to him. So sleep, even snoring, calmly – you have a guard!

  • The joy of the dog itself

You are the whole Universe for your shaggy friend. You are the center of the Universe for her. So let your ward be as close to you as possible. After all, for them, your bed is the safest safe haven.

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