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14 hilarious photos that show the tricks you have to go through to weigh animals at the zoo

Caring for those with whom you cannot speak the same language can be difficult. After all, it’s impossible to just ask “how are you feeling, my friend”?

very, very important.

Zoo staff, whose task is to monitor its inhabitants, know firsthand that weight and height are the main indicators of animal health. Therefore, they periodically weigh and measure each inhabitant of the zoo. But besides the fact that this is a very important process, it is also very funny!

See for yourself!

So that the baby koala is not afraid, you can disguise the scales as his usual habitat

To weigh a monkey, you need to be smart

Her curiosity will play into your hands

Nimble lemur too should be interested

Some zoo inhabitants are not so easy to lure! Therefore, employees have to use various tricks and even come up with games.

But the penguins do not cause any trouble and even respect the queue

The anteater has to be lured onto the scales with worms

There is a special spoon for weighing small frogs

This is how cute they wrap the owls during weighing

When weighing birds, there are also subtleties. These comrades are great fans of flapping their wings and even trying to take off. Therefore, they came up with such cute blankets that will not cause inconvenience to the birds and will allow them to weigh.

If you can't put the giraffe on the scales, you can take it on the handles and stand up yourself

When the giraffe is not yet too big and heavy, but the usual scales are already small for him, the zookeeper comes to the rescue!

Pandas remain cute couch potatoes at the weigh-in

To weigh the turtles, they must be turned over

Probably so that they don’t run away anywhere.

Perhaps the easiest thing to weigh is a sloth. Also such a crumb

Acorns love not only the squirrel from the Ice Age, but also the prairie dog

On scales without a cup, a guinea pig may not sit

Now you you know how fun it can be to take care of our little brothers. We hope you had a great time!

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