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When a dog looks from a shelter, it gives shivers down his spine. My heart breaks at the mere sight

Volunteers from the American animal rights organization High Plains Humane Society post pictures of animals for adoption on their Facebook page every day. In some shelters in the United States, dogs are killed when there is no place for them! Though it happens less and less, you still hear about something so brutal. At a shelter in Portales, New Mexico, volunteers came across a dog whose tearful eyes and pleading eyes said more than a thousand words …


The sad look goes straight into the heart and it is impossible to look away from it. The dog seems to be screaming “Please save me!” .

Moments after the foundation published this photo, a lot of people spoke right away. The dog ends up in a loving family where it will feel safe. Now he's finally happy!

“He's a great dog who deserves the best. We will do everything to make him happy “- admitted the new guardians of the quadruped.


May every story end this way – let's not forget about adoption!


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