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5 difficult cat breeds that cause trouble in everyday life

In the ranking of pets, the cat is in the lead. A cute, fluffy creature that does not require daily walking and training, it seems very comfortable.

But before you decide on the establishment of any pet , about it you need to study all the information to the maximum. Otherwise, instead of positive emotions, the owners face problems and get rid of animals.

These 5 cat breeds most often end up as outcasts.

one. Persian

Persians are very beautiful and spectacular, it is them that professionals love to photograph most of all. Many fall in love with the picture and do not try to find out the features of the breed, but there are quite a few of them. First of all, it is wool. It is very long, more than 10 cm, so that the animal looks beautiful, it needs to be combed every day. Otherwise, tangles are inevitable. Moreover, special powders for wool will be required to give it a visual fluffiness. Persians need to be bathed often, and this is a rather complicated procedure. The easiest way is to contact a groomer, but this service is quite expensive.

And even after all this, you will not get rid of the hair in the apartment, and in order for the animal not to shed too actively, proper nutrition is required . A funny flattened nose is another problem that cats sniffle, snore and suffer from discharge from their eyes. Sometimes you just can’t do without ointments and drops. And the character of the Persians is not fire, they are very vindictive, it is impossible to wean them from bad habits.

2. Turkish Angora

These cats at one time they were incredibly popular in the Soviet Union, they are really people-oriented, they love society and they look very nice. If you have no people in your house most of the day, this breed is definitely not suitable. Best of all, they are suitable for pensioners, as they become attached to one person, but they do not perceive others. Angora is not the best choice for those who love silence, as they often meow and purr loudly. Among this breed, there are often deaf from birth, this needs to be checked specially.

Angor wool also causes a lot of problems, it frays very much, flies through the air and settles anywhere. It is easier to care for her than in the previous case, but special combs will still be required. There is a high risk of allergic reactions in this breed, so not all foods are suitable for them.

3. Scottish Fold

Scottish – Another touchingly charming breed, which in appearance causes a huge amount of positive emotions. Unusual ears, so popular with cat fans, are actually artificially acquired. This mutation negatively affects the cartilage of the entire body of the cat. Lop-eared often suffer from dysplasia, chondrosis, and many from an early age. Diseases of this kind are constantly progressing, arthritis and other problems are real in the future. In addition, the risk of heart and kidney diseases in this breed is very high.

Thus, when purchasing a Scottish cat, you need to really weigh whether you are ready to support and raise a disabled cat.

four. British Shorthair

A very common breed, which certainly glorified the famous Cheshire cat. The British are very showy and cute, their fur is plush and beautiful. But these cats are not affectionate, they are suitable for those who perceive the cat as a living piece of furniture. This is an arrogant breed, apathetic, not playful. They will not rush to meet you at the doorstep, they will not sit on their knees. It is necessary to properly educate the kitten so that it does not show aggression.

5. Siamese

A very interesting and beautiful breed, which is characterized by mobility, emotional lability. They need to move a lot, so they often spoil the property in the apartment. They do not tolerate punishments well, they become even more complex and vengeful. Often there are Siamese with neurosis, aggression, jealousy of the owner towards other people. The hungry cries of this cat will be heard by the entire apartment building, and during the rut they become completely unbearable. Siamese requires special nutrition, otherwise the color will lose its uniqueness.

In order not to be disappointed in a pet, make an informed decision about its acquisition. )

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