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3.5 kg of wool was sheared from a stray dog

Volunteer Xiao Wu from the Chinese city of Tianjin repeatedly found unfortunate animals on the streets. But the story with this dog became significant, because initially it was difficult to determine what kind of animal it was. The thing is that the stray animal was covered with tangles.

The dog was frightened and did not want to go to people. However, the efforts of the volunteers still yielded results, the fearful short-legged dog was nevertheless caught and sent to the veterinarian. It was useless to do anything with the health of the animal while it had such hair. Then the groomers came to the rescue.

It took hours to get a haircut. And the weight of sheared wool reached 3.5 kilograms. It turned out that a very cute dog with sad eyes was hiding behind the mats. No serious health problems were found in the animal. Moreover, there were not even fleas in the terrible wool

Xiao Wu took the unfortunate dog home. For a long time they thought that it was possible to find her past owners, but in the end, the volunteers decided that it was better to find a new family for the short-legged dog. So he will be much happier.

Source: lemurov.net

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