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The owner decided to test how the dogs would react to his fainting. Each came up with their own plan of salvation

Brian from Arizona loves making funny videos with his dogs Max and Murphy. He even has an Instagram page dedicated to his beloved pets. Recently, he decided to play a swoon in front of them and see how they would react.

Of course, Brian filmed everything on video and even added dialogues in dog English!

The owner pretended to faint in front of his dogs

Followed by a canine dialogue.

“Our man is immobilized »

“What does the view show?”

“He's warm”

“We're wasting time”

“Discharge” *jumps*

Brian obviously did not expect the weighty retriever to jump on the go. After such a fluffy volley in the abdomen, he instantly woke up!

Know that your dogs are always on the alert! And they are ready to save you at any moment.

Source: twizz.ru

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