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18 funny photos of sphinxes that prove that this cat breed is very special

Many people love cats, but there is one breed about which opinions are at different poles. Some people love them, others find them disgusting. We are talking, of course, about sphinxes. These furless cats never leave you indifferent.

We have compiled for you a selection of funny photos that prove that sphinxes make their owners smile no less than their fluffy brothers.

This look


Hide the ears

Big Mouth

Happy pug

Gnomes who just released a rap Album

Since sphinxes do not have wool, they freeze more than other cats, and therefore the owners often put on different clothes on them. And this makes the sphinxes even more fun.

Parallel lines

Tenderness and wrinkles


Very severe

Home dinosaur

Little grandma

Battle with the Blinds

When I went to work after the New Year holidays and forgot how to work

Cat Yoga

Comfortable sleeping position

You are being followed

You are being watched

And here you can find photos of black cats that dispel the myth that they bring bad luck.

Source: twizz.ru

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