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How to cut a dog in summer? Make no more common mistake!

How to cut your dog in summer? This is the question most of us are currently asking. Unfortunately, many owners make a common mistake in this regard, which can have a negative impact on your dog's health. Scroll below to learn how to do this correctly.

Pies lato

Pies lato

Source: pixabay.com

How to groom your dog in summer?

Many dog owners think that cutting their dogs briefly during the summer will keep them cooler. Everyone should know, however, that this is a great myth that should be debunked once and for all. It is true that a pet's haircut for a short time can only hurt him. But why is this happening?

Jak strzyc psa latem

Jak strzyc psa latem

Source: easton.ac.uk

The hair is a natural protection for dog against high temperatures

Many owners believe that their fur is very hot, so it should be cut briefly during the summer. It is actually a huge mistake! The dog's coat is a natural protection against heat. It works similarly to polystyrene in a house, which does not let hot air in in summer, and protects against frost in winter.

How to trim a dog in summer? Never too short! Dogs with single hair structure (e.g. Yorkies, Maltese, Poodles) may be trimmed but leave a minimum hair length of approx. 7 mm. Dogs with double hair structure cannot be sheared! Such quadrupeds are only recommended to be combed.

Jak strzyc psa latem

Jak strzyc psa latem

Source: Chee Gin Tan / gettyimages.com

How to groom a dog in summer – why not for a short time?

To illustrate how to groom a dog in summer and why not briefly, it's best to look at the photo below. The long hair of the dog is marked in purple. At this point, the pet's body temperature is 24 degrees. The place where the hair is cut is marked in yellow. The temperature here is as high as 30.8 degrees. Do you understand now?

Jak strzyc psa latem

Source: Pretty Paws Pet Grooming / facebook.com

Sometimes the hair itself is not enough

Remember that in extremely high temperatures, the coat itself may not be able to isolate your dog from the heat. Then you should also implement other methods to cool your pet. How to do it? In this case, always make sure your dog has fresh, cold water available. It is worth investing in special cooling mats so that your pet has a place to rest. Avoid daytime walks and do not let your furry walk on the sidewalk as it can get very hot. In hot weather it is better to walk your dog on the grass. Under no circumstances should you leave your dog alone in the car – not even for a moment!

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