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Snapshots of dogs' endless love for their owners

Those who have dogs know for sure that a dog is the best creature on earth. They are ready to give their lives for the owner and will not leave him in trouble.

will love you less if you gain weight or lose your job, they certainly won't kick you out if they get their own puppies. Dogs are better than people, more honest and cleaner. If the dog fell in love with you – that's all, it's forever.

When I feel bad, he always hugs me and takes pity on me

“My friends' baby only sleeps like this”

“To my baby friends only a couple of days, but their dog Zoe already adores him ”


We hang out in the park together with friend

“My dog knows exactly about my pregnancy, she so reverently listens to my stomach and hugs it … ”

Exorbitant concentration of love

The strongest friendship

“This is our 10-year-old son's best friend”

“Need a hug right now”

“My boyfriend and his dog cuddle every morning”

The rest of the dogs run around the park, and he reads with his man

“The wife is a little sick, the whole flock comforts her”

“I I felt unwell and lay down to rest. My girlfriend took this picture while I was sleeping”

“Just a photo of our dog hugging our baby”

More proof that they will always be man's best friends

This baby is under the reliable protection of a miracle nanny

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