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17 Photos That Prove That Black Cats Don't Bring Misfortune To Your House, They Only Bring Cuteness

There are many superstitions associated with black cats. Some believe that they bring misfortune, and are afraid that such cats will run across their path. And someone even believes that animals are found with witches and dark forces.

tailed patch of the abyss, they know: black cats bring exceptional cuteness.

We have collected photos for you that will easily prove it.

Charming black nose

Sit down


And in contrast to Toothless – fanged

Excellent Disguise Skills

Black cat in a box of Black Cat wine


Apparently, my cat is a dragon from the flag of Wales

Try not to let this

Rainbow tugs

More black cats – more happiness

Cat care

I injured my leg shortly before Christmas. It doesn't get better and my cat is very protective of me. That's where she likes to lie, gently resting her head right on my injured leg.

I think there's a hole in my shoebox

She hates her cap

Black model

Yawning Panther

Fur cheeks

And here you can find a selection of sphinxes and make sure that this is a very special breed of cat.

Source: twizz.ru

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