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Abandoned cat wants to live. He has a good heart and he meets kind people

Nice cat was abandoned on the street, and now he is happy to recover.

A married couple from Northern California met with a cat abandoned on the street. Having begun to feed him, the good spouses discovered that the cat's nose began to swell.

The cat's condition quickly worsened, he lost his appetite. At an urgent examination, the veterinarian diagnosed cryptococcosis, an infectious disease that appears as a result of inhalation of fungal spores.

The spouses, realizing that they would not be able to provide the necessary specialized assistance, turned to animal rights activists. Milo's Sanctuary, as soon as they were notified, rushed to take the cat (named Kee Strider) to their place in Los Angeles.

“He came to us very weak, exhausted, he felt bad physically and mentally. It was hard to tell what kind of character he really was. The entire left side of his face was so ulcerated and infected that he just sat curled up,” says Michelle Hoffman, president and founder of Milo's Sanctuary.

Treatment was started immediately. Despite being weak, Key held on with all his might and showed great gratitude whenever he was taken care of.

“His will to live is amazing. There was a spark in his eyes that told me that he wanted change and wanted to live. So I told him that I would be there and fight with him.”

Due care and love did their job: Key cheered up, began to recover and grow stronger. When he was ready, he was operated on, treating the wound.

“He got better after the vet visit, the medication and all the love he got. We kept telling him how handsome he was, how he was loved, and how safe he was,” says Michel.

Ki got better every day, his character began to show. The cat became more active and curious, he already wanted to cuddle with everyone he met.

It turned out that Key is quite loving. “He likes to cuddle with other cats, people, even with a pillow. He likes his food and medicines and gradually learns to play with toys.”

Watch cute Key on the video:

Ki is much better, but he will need care, treatment and support for a lifetime to live fully.

“He has not fully recovered yet, there is room for improvement. We don't know if his nose will ever return to its original shape, but that's okay, because we love him the way he is.

Key joined Milo's Sanctuary's Lifetime Care program and befriended many of the old-timers there. He showers everyone with his trademark kisses.

Seeing another cat in front of him, he comes up and rubs his muzzle. Always resorts to the call of the guardian. The sweet boy craves love and does not want to miss any opportunity to be caressed

“He is super cute and gentle, loves to be kissed and his tummy rubbed. He is still a bit shy and reserved, but we have no doubt that very soon he will start begging for treats and attacking catnip toys,” says Michel.

After everything he's been through, Key has retained love and the ability to give it in his heart. “We can't express in words how adorable, sweet, gentle he is.”

Source: bezkota.ru

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