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They matured, but remained childishly good – 15 photos of pets

Pets grow up – you don't have time to blink an eye. Sometimes you want to slow down time so that a cat or a dog (or a dog) stays so small, cute, touching for a longer time …

And it happens that , even having grown more than their owners, the pets remain naively charming, see for yourself.

Little cutie has become a big cutie

The box doesn't grow with it

Habit from 8 weeks to 8 – one month old. And the space is getting smaller

The difference is only in scale

11 years flew by unnoticed

Casper was lucky with the color

More fur! More!

Baby Bean

Mom, am I good?.. Yes, I'm good!

And the nose keeps growing…

Six months total gone! And what a modest face

Marvin is a year old

The kitten was named Thor. Not for nothing

Newborn, 8 weeks old and 1 year old

Already very old (14 years old), but still beautiful

Wow, serious guy

Source: bezkota.ru

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