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Wonderful little animals, which mutations have added a bit of charm

Cinema and other media spheres have taught us that mutation is something necessarily bad. Crap!

People themselves provoke mutations and fix them, for example, when they breed a new variety of flowers or especially tasty cherries .

And some animals got lucky and thanks to unusual mutations they began to attract even more attention!

Husky with an unrealistically huge and fluffy tail

A completely bald hamster whose fur coat was sewn

Very good location of vitiligo in a cat

Extra fingers on the paws, just like people

Dogs don't have lips, but this dog does!

He is black even in inside, so the soup from it frankly scares

Fluffy what! And the hairstyle is awesome.

All fashionistas envy these brows

Ears like at Shrek

Double nose ! That's so dog!

Cats don't get Down's Syndrome, but they do have trisomy, which looks pretty much the same

What is his color: white with black or black with white?

Mother Nature deigns to joke, and even in a way that we never dreamed of!

Source: lemurov.net

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