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15 touching and funny dogs that show that the bigger the dog, the more love he will bring.

Big dogs are more strongly associated with harshness than others – their impressive size and formidable appearance immediately hint that we have real defenders in front of us.

And yet, furry giants are just as sensitive and cute as their smaller counterparts! They also want to climb on the arms and cuddle, they get along well with children, and in general they show their great, great love in every possible way!

Dogs often look like their owners… or vice versa!

When you take up so much space that lying on the floor is just right

My mother's dog – 84 kilos of love

This is Kouji, the cute giant. And yes, he is real!

This Christmas we wish you great happiness

By the way, now my dog is only 7 months old.

Me and my not-so-little friend

I decided to show my tongue and accidentally closed half of the frame

My dog Elk sometimes pretends to be a baby

This is Ginger, my puppy. Yes, yes, puppy!

Maybe it's actually a man in a dog costume?

A hundred times better than a giant teddy bear

My dad's favorite pet

Wow, your dad has his own polar bear!

This is how my dog looked when he was 5 months old

My boyfriend's dog can hardly fit in the chair

Can I sit down? I'm not very heavy, am I?

Somebody loves hugs

As you can see, the great charm of large dogs is proportional to their size!

Source: twizz.ru

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