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Climb into a full bath, squat down – cats are now even not capable of this

Cats endlessly intrigue us with their incomprehensible behavior, complete eccentricities and oddities.

We we can never fully unravel their logic and comprehend their motivation – maybe this is the secret of feline success among people? put on a show

This month I am dissatisfied with you

It seems that there will be a showdown now

Oh Reptilian Fathers, take me off this planet

Cat logic



backyard performance

Let's sit, let's talk

Pose for which no name has yet been invented

We decided to walk the kitty – it's not all she needs to sit at home. The reaction is ambiguous

Shrimp is her passion

Not every person will squat so masterfully

Creative interior designers

So emotional

Best bathroom photo

Source: bezkota.ru

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