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10 photos of four-legged passengers on the train

Second seat trips do not always add up. Sometimes you have to share a car with fluffy fellow travelers who constantly require attention.

Such a journey always becomes unusual, brings new colors to life.

one. A very attentive passenger notices everything.

2. Cute fluffy loves to spend time in the sun.

3. The most cultured companion of the Irkutsk-Novosibirsk flight.

four. The dog loves to watch sunsets very much, it is read on his face.

5. The cute couple were together throughout the whole trip.

6. The dog wanted to meet new friends on the train. He got what he wanted!

7. A cute pet purred a song throughout the trip.

eight. The Retriever decided to organize a walk on his own.

9. The traveler purchased tickets for all pets.

ten. This is what trains from other Universes should look like.

Source: duck.show

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