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15 Photos That Prove Majestic Maine Coons Can Be Ridiculous Too

What adjectives come to mind when talking about Maine Coons? Majestic, chic, huge, fluffy, handsome, impressive, beautiful, the best – something like that.

What about “ridiculous”, “fun” or “stupid”? Yes, how did our hands not fall off to write such a thing about this majestic, chic and so on breed ?!

But here's the thing, we have evidence with us that Maine Coons are people too. That is, just cats – with their bizarre manners and the ability to turn out in the pictures is not perfect. Don't believe? Look – we have prepared a revealing photographic material for you, which can become a real revelation for you.

In our view, a typical Maine Coon looks like this in photographs:

But not everything is Shrove Tuesday for a cat, and Maine Coons can also be funny and awkward.

one. When you were told that you are the most beautiful of domestic cats

2. Windy

3. Potato Grace

four. Well, Maine Coons also face their own specific difficulties

5. Miss Fantastic!

6. Majestic zeoyoyoyoyoyoev

7. Big cats require bigger boxes

eight. “My friend's Maine Coon steals his cigarettes and hides them around the house”

9. Convenience

ten. Goalkeeper!

eleven. The king was caught!

12. His Majesty deigns to grin maliciously

13. “My lord approves of this throne” or “Guess where the action takes place”

fourteen. “Andy is guarding the attic, doubting if this is a master's business?”

fifteen. “My cat, Caligula, rolls around in the crib like a real princess”

Don't tell anyone what you saw here, or we'll be in big trouble!

We will probably be trampled and scratched.

Source: popularnoe.net

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