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So that the old dog does not feel lonely, the owners take turns sleeping with him


6-year-old Spike was adopted from a shelter in 2012. Before he got to the volunteers, the dog managed to suffer a lot. Very soon he had a new, loving family.

In the two-story Morris house, the dog was given a cozy sofa downstairs. But the cheerful Springer Spaniel immediately demonstrated to the owners how unbearable it is for him to be without them even for a minute!

the dog jumped over the barrier and soon settled into their bed.

Spike – a hunting dog, he was always full of energy and mischief, but he also loved his family. He never fell asleep alone, always tried to crawl under the covers to be closer to his beloved owners.

Now Spike is 14 years old, he is already respectable old man and cannot, as before, skipping after a tennis ball.

After the second stroke, the dog could hardly stand on its own. And yet, the Morrises aren't ready to let him go just yet. Doctors share the hope that the spaniel can still enjoy life with the owners, and Spike himself is determined to get out. However, the rehabilitation period requires you to refrain from physical activity.

Chapter family, knowing the dog's stubborn disposition, does not expect to stop him with a gate. The man decided not to upset his pet, not to leave him alone for the night. Near the sofa, the dogs put a couch, on which all members of the family sleep in turn.

Mr. Morris calls the pet “old Bob” and personally brings him food and drink “in bed” so that the dog does not get up again. The owners do not consider it shameful to endure inconvenience for the sake of the animal.

They sincerely love their old man and are glad that they were able to give him love and faith in a person after the sad beginning of his life.

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