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15 photos of huge domestic cats, whose fluffy magnificence can be seen from afar

Some cats cannot be measured with a common arshin, and their special position is distinguished by huge paws, fluffy sides and purring, which is heard by neighbors. Can you imagine what sounds come from their tygydyks?

don't get up anywhere. Even if you have business!

Take a closer look at these huge and fluffy domestic cats that share homes with their people. Exactly so, and not vice versa!

1. 5 biggest cats in the world: leopard, lion, tiger, cheetah and fluffy Maine Coon

2. Does this winter coat make me fat?

3. My aunt kept a lion at home by mistake

4. Magnas the Great

5. Big Aragon and my father

6. For help! It grows too fast

7. Meet Zack and Marty

eight . I finally managed to take a good photo that shows how huge my parents' cat is

nine. This guy is very big

The concept of “huge domestic cat” is most often associated with one breed – the Maine Coon. We have a selection, or rather a selection with these large-caliber cats, visit it.

10. And this one is just HUGE

eleven. Fat Jack – that's what his name is

12. He is huge and lazy, but when it comes to begging for food, he can climb anywhere

thirteen. One of the largest cats in New York – 12 kilograms!

fourteen. Chip is exploring the park!

fifteen. It can be seen from the face that it is still a kitten, but already so healthy!

So, have you seen enough of the huge cats? Now it's time to turn your eyes to the tiny kittens!

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