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15 photos of harmful cats that will sleep anywhere but on beds specially bought for them

Where do your cats sleep? Some owners like to lie on the bed with their fluffies, while others believe that the tailed ones should have their own bed and no encroachment on the human place. But you know what?

Cats absolutely don’t care about all these human rules, and they will sleep anywhere, but not on their beds !

We have collected evidence for you:

1. “Buy him a couch, they said”

2. “Bought a new cat bed. Honey, she's being used the wrong way”

3. “I did an experiment. Conclusion: cat beds are a waste of money “

four. “There are five beds and ten chairs in the house. He sits on the balls “

5. “Just bought a new house for our fluffy”

6. “He has about seven cat beds, but he prefers to hang on the back of a chair. Why?!”

7. “Why lie down on a cat bed when you can use a fruit basket instead?”

eight. “We brought him a bed, but then a paper towel fell on the floor, and now it doesn’t matter”

9. “The cat got tired and jumped into my daughter's doll house”

Well, he uses the doll's bed for its intended purpose. In general, pets like to displace not only dolls in their sleeping places, but also their owners. We have a selection on this topic.

10. “Bought a new cat bed”

eleven. “I don’t need a bed when there is a person”

12. “Ruby loves her new crib”

13. “She dragged this cardboard into her bed, instead of just lying on it”

fourteen. “My crazy cat Kilo and his bed when I redid the bathroom a few months ago”

fifteen. “Let's just say Riot is creative when it comes to using a cat bed”

Not only do these bastards refuse to sleep on their beds, they also take away their beds from dogs! We have a post about it, take a look!

Source: twizz.ru

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