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15 Cats And Dogs That Hid With Different Degrees Of Success, But Equally Funny

Inhabitants of nature have been developing their skills of skillful disguise for thousands of years and, it seems, they had to pass this skill to some extent to their domestic descendants.

But no, not always our beloved pets can find a reliable shelter, but often their attempts to hide turn out to be simply hilarious.

And this does not at all make hide-and-seek less spectacular: you yourself would try, for example, to hide behind a curtain or among Christmas decorations! The owners can only look for their cats and dogs, and of course, take funny pictures in the process.

Who Have you ever seen where my puppy went?

This cat is playing to Secret Santa by your own rules

If I don’t see, then I can’t be seen” always works great!

Spent fifteen minutes looking for my cat…

And I never look for my own. I just open a bag of his food and he immediately comes running!

It seems my pets are really playing hide and seek

Daddy's cat is trying to become invisible at the vet's appointment

Hiding like Mission: Impossible? Easily!

How to hide so as not to miss any interesting conversation

Hmm, I can't see anything but a funny pillow with ears.

My cat is absolutely sure that I will never find him

And this is where the master of disguise really comes into play!

Noticed surveillance when I was cooking dinner

A formidable predator hid in anticipation of prey and hugs

Cats perfectly develop the attention and observation of the owners, now I am always ready for a sudden attack!

Curtain is the most effective means of disguise

You can't see me, but I'm watching you

Among these cute plush toys someone hid?

When your friend suddenly disappeared and you were already bored

I'm sure these furry masters of disguise will bring more joy to their owners once they find them!

Source: twizz.ru

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