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15 photos that prove that even the biggest and most severe dogs are full of tenderness and love

Large dogs often seem to us more severe than miniature ones – their size and formidable appearance immediately hint that we have real defenders in front of us.

But of course, despite their impressive size, these dogs are often very sensitive and cute! Like any pets, they sometimes want to climb onto the handles or hide under the table, they get along wonderfully with children and kittens, and they also look at the owner with an extremely loving look. It is logical – after all, big dogs have a big heart!

And this is how it manifests itself.

When my dog is nervous, you need to hold his paw

Our formidable defender warmed up and fell asleep

Even when dogs grow up, they still love their plush friends

Everyone needs their own portion of hugs

This dog could not be used for protection, because he is too kind

And it's good, because he was given to me, and he is my best friend!

This monster comes running to us every morning o for the obligatory morning hugs

It doesn't matter what size you are, you still want to be in the hands of the owner

And even if you don't fit in the cute pink couch at all, you can try

When you want attention from the owner, but you understand everything

Today we introduced these two

My son is even less than 3 days old, and he already has a best friend!

My dog's smile is priceless

Suddenly, a scary garbage van appeared in front of the house

We parted for two whole hours

My dog after a ladybug sat on his bed

Recovering from surgery and a friend doesn't leave me for a minute

When your friend is the same size as your nose

Now you are convinced that big dogs bring the appropriate portion of love and tenderness!

Source: twizz.ru

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