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15 Photos Of Dogs That Had So Much Contact With Cats That They Inadvertently Adopted Cat Habits

We all know how standard dogs behave: they love walks, treats and run after the ball. But sometimes dogs spend too much time with cats and gradually begin to adopt their habits.

They enjoy playing in cat houses, climb into boxes, lie on the windowsills and even fold their paws like a cat. The owners can only look at it puzzled and think: “Stop, did I definitely get a dog?”.

Guess who raised our dog

Yes, dogs can lie like that too

What, are boxes only for cats?

He is clearly influenced by this company

The cat occupies the dog bed all the time, the dog decided to take revenge

The cat just took it and fell asleep.

Yes, these are my children. Do you have any doubts?

Marty grew up with cats. Who would have thought!

And at that moment he remembered that he was actually a dog …

Someone obviously changed my dog for a cat

Capone's older brother is a cat, so he also considers himself a cat

He likes to climb on the table and spy on the evil neighbor dogs.

When you take an example from a cat in everything, and she is also unhappy

Yes, it's so convenient for me too

That h feeling when you live with three cats

The best thing you can learn from another pet

Well, we all eventually adopt the habits of our loved ones – and dogs are no exception!

Source: twizz.ru

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