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Pets play pranks, and then we clean up – 15 photos


“The woman didn’t have any trouble, the woman bought a piglet” – this saying fully reflects the fate of a cat or dog lover who was seduced by mi-mi-mi, but receiving a small domestic destroyer.

The sure way to wake up the owner

Organized criminal group

I decorated the floor

The acquaintance with the fireplace was successful, in the sense of being productive

Well done, hostess, I made warm cookies, just under my ass

Hygiene is important

I dived into the bag for a fish and got stuck

Covered the remains of the flowers with a blanket. Then he will eat, apparently

The stash is non-refundable. Some people this month will not receive new clothes and sweets

Didn't break a single egg! It is necessary to be able to

Being a soft dog toy is a dangerous fate

Praise me, and that's it

The passport…

New headphones!

There is hot coffee in the cup. Now with wool

Getting a dog is almost the same as having a child

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