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15 master classes from animals on how and where to sleep sweetly

Doggie sleeps 10 hours a day, cat 12-16, and possum generally all 18 hours! That is, it is not just rest and idleness, but an extremely important function in life. And therefore, the choice of a place to sleep must be approached responsibly and creatively!

Man is the most important thing on the farm. No one will disturb my sleep next to him!

The cat is somewhat surprised that chipmunk chose it as a bed

Rubber chicken instead of a pillow

Be patient! Kitty needs sleep!

What a beautiful curly nest!

Well, do people sleep in armchairs? And why am I worse?

What a sophisticated pose

Healthy indifference – sleeps where he wants and how he wants

Master's shoes are wonderfully good

The duckling drank all the water from the cup and fell asleep in it

Sleeping sitting – really!

Yes, She has painted claws. So beautiful.

Well, what are you looking at? Quite comfortable!

There the squirrel feels safe

Puppy size: one cap

Watch and learn! They know a lot about it! And for us, people, the only thing left is to dislike the sound of the alarm clock)))

Source: lemurov.net

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