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15 People Who Can't Sleep Without Their Pets Cuddled And Everyone Jealous Of Them

If people knew what a pleasure it is to fall asleep in an embrace with a furry, tailed and sniffling one, they would have dismantled all the animals from the shelters long ago.

But many do not know their happiness! And in vain, but in order to correct the situation, today we will frankly tease with tempting photos!

They seem to be very comfortable with each other!

Maybe not the most fluffy pillow, but still

Happiness exists and it purrs!

Protects the mistress from nightmares

It seems that the wife is the most comfortable of all

I can't imagine better eat!

The kid is also an excellent companion for sleep

Doggy is afraid to sleep alone . Whether it's next to the hostess!

Isn't it incredibly cute?

It's easier to cover your face from the sun than to wake up a kitten

How to fall asleep in a thunderstorm? In the arms of a man!

The cat does not become impudent, sleeps on the edge

And yes, arrogance as it is. He doesn't mind.

My favorite boys are sleeping next to me!

I can't even remember when they slept apart

Well, are you envious? Then go get the fluffy and let it bring joy and good sleep!

Source: lemurov.net

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