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12 Pics Of Cats Who Forget They Should Always Be Fluffy Cute

Seals are considered very cute animals. Often cute photos are posted on social networks. But cats are not always going to be what people imagine them to be.

Sometimes fluffy purrs can make such faces that inexperienced owners get scared and fall into bewilderment, and experienced ones grab the camera.

The spitting image of a villain from Disney cartoons.

I saw this cat at the hairdresser's.

Your cat can successfully work with a desk lamp.

I wonder about what does she think with such an expression of her face?

This is what your cat looks like when it thinks you need to have a serious talk.

Who is the most elegant.

Oh yes, yes, pet me some more!

We are waiting for the reaction “Yes, fuck you!”

“I didn’t wrinkle, it’s more convenient for me,” that’s exactly what she says.

Oops! Teeth stuck in lips.

My wife thinks that our cat is finally thinking about life.

I climbed here myself, but I will still scream.

Source: duck.show

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