Home Awesome The girl saved the sick pig, and now he is the happiest

The girl saved the sick pig, and now he is the happiest

The girl saved the sick pig, and now he is the happiest

Chelsea Wining from the USA, who lives in West Virginia, maintains an interesting blog on Instagram. There she posts entertaining photos of her pet, Floppy the pig.

It all started with the fact that piglets were born on the farm of her husband's sister, but one of them turned out to be sick. The baby had a tremor, he was constantly shaking. Because of this, his mother did not feed him, the piglet was waiting for death from starvation. )

Since Chelsea is very fond of animals, she did not let this happen. The girl took Floppy to her home. She and her husband fed the piglet with milk from a bottle, and soon the baby gained strength. According to Chelsea, she read a lot of research about pigs in order to properly care for Floppy.

Now the piglet is almost healthy. Illness bothers only when he is excited about something. Floppy usually plays with a couple of dogs and a couple of cats that live at Chelsea. He also loves to swim in the pool. Every day they go out with him for a walk, during a walk they lead him on a leash. The girl says that the pig is very smart, he learned to go up and down the stairs and open doors. Floppy likes to be around people, he is very happy when guests come.

Chelsea made such a conclusion from this story – you should always give a chance and believe. Floppy now has such a wonderful life just because they believed in his recovery.

Source: lemurov.net


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