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15 dogs that have changed so much after a haircut that the owners did not immediately recognize them as their pets

When people want to change something, they often go to the hairdresser and get a new haircut. For dogs, this is even more true, because the coat affects not only their appearance, but also their comfort!

How no matter how hard the owners try to comb their pets diligently, all the same, the dogs instantly grow overgrown and need a professional haircut. own owners!

Let's admire these fluffy transformations.

Brought my dog, and took some unfamiliar

When it's +32 outside, it's time to go to the hairdresser

Every time Luna gets a haircut, it feels like I have a new dog

Stylish dog ka is a lucky dog!

First haircut. Who is that?

Feeling that this dog is three times smaller than the original one.

After five hours of hard work

It's good to see his face again

From a wild animal to a cute teddy bear

Amazing Yorkie transformation

A few hours and suddenly you become a poodle

Sophie was already pretty, but after the haircut she became a real lady!

My dog after the first haircut. Not sure if I got it back

Perfect Posing “Before and After”

Well, here the dog was definitely changed

Who knew that such a cute dog was hiding under the mask of a gremlin?

Chubbaki became a dog

My dog is obviously ready to start a new life

Yes, groomers and they really know how to create miracles of hairdressing!

Histo Source: twizz.ru

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