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15 Doggies And A Dog Who Have No Idea How Hefty They Have Grown

Puppies never change, they just get much bigger. Because a dog is the smartest creature that perfectly understands when it’s time to be serious, and when you can forget everything and “fall into childhood.”

One problem – many of them elegantly ignore the fact that they have grown up a long time and no longer fit in the owner's bosom. And this is how it looks. – a habit from childhood

How to keep a child busy? Have him brush the dog out of therapy!

Don't believe me but this younger brother of the werewolf is terribly frightened – they are sitting in the lobby of the veterinary clinic

It's somehow completely unfair when a kitten weighing 1 kg drives a 40-kg dog under the table

A girl dressed as a St. Bernard next to a real St. Bernard. Look at her little hand and the dog's paw!

What is this misunderstanding? Go eat if you want to be like me!

A spectacle that makes half the Disney fans swoon and the other half applaud enthusiastically!

When Big Joe yawns, a whole basket of kittens can fit inside!

I don't want to offend anyone, but the boy won't succeed

The American Wolfhound was crossed with a Malamute. Their child is in the photo.

The children made a “walrus” out of a dog. By the way, these are selected carrots 30 cm long!

Nyashnye pussies are also very big!

Meter height fence. And the neighbor's dog is still a puppy. It is better to be friends with him.

The paw size of Irish wolfhounds is always larger than the size of their owners' shoes

So what if he's more of a mistress? But what a cute!

Where with paws on the seat?! Although, who would dare to make a remark?

This is not photoshop. His respectful name is Koji.

The owner is 180 cm tall and weighs 130 kg. Estimate the size of the dog.

It is for you not pocket squeaky misunderstanding! Real good boys and girls!

Source: lemurov.net

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