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The kitten wished to stay with the family that saved him

A brood of week-old kittens turned up at the Montreal shelter. Such babies need round-the-clock feeding, so this duty was distributed in a group of volunteers.

And there was a little red kitten, who held on to life with his paws from the last, apparently, strength.

An experienced rescuer Jess was sent to help him, who took the kitten home, fed it through a tube, warmed – in general – was always nearby .

Jess was not sure that the ginger would survive , but without a fight for his life, she was not going to give up. And her efforts were not in vain – every day the kitten got better.

Ryzhik was named Marsik, and soon he became so strong that he began to swallow on his own, trying to eat up at each feeding.

And finally stood up on his paws, which allowed one of their volunteers, named Coralie, to take him home.

And in order not to miss the next feeding, the girl began to wear Marsik in her big pocket – where he felt great.

At first, Coralie had no idea to keep a new pet for good.

But the sly red face managed to sneak into the hearts of the family that sheltered him.

So when it came time to snuggle the child, he had already firmly taken root in the house, and now a red-haired young lightning rushes around the house in the girl's family.

Source: duck.show

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