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15 cats and dogs that prove they can be best friends

We all know perfectly well that cats and dogs are enemies, at least on the street. Noticing a cat sitting in the bushes, a dog will most likely immediately rush there and drive it away.

there are exceptions and cats and dogs can also become best friends, because not all animals think the same way.

When cats and dogs get along, it looks just adorable, and we We'll prove it to you!

These guys start their day with hugs and kisses

True love

Just look at the smile of this kitten!

How lovely

Joint vacation

We are a gang!

Yin Yang

These two meet in the same place every day to snuggle up

What could be more beautiful ?

It seems that the dog is comforting the cat

They look great together

Joint Daytime Vacation

Best friend for that and the best, so that it can be used as a pillow

Black and white

Warmer together

Sweet couple from Norway

Three friends

Source: popularnoe.net

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