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15 Before and After Photos of Dogs from Adorable Toddlers to Powerful Adults

Time for dog owners runs so fast that they don't have time to look back as their clumsy babies are already turning into hefty dogs.

The main thing here is to have time to take photos of your pets both during their puppyhood and in the prime of life, in order to then compare how many times your favorite dog has increased in size.

Here are 15 cases where people did just that — and got sweet and heart-pleasing results.

one. 10 weeks and 10 months

2. Has the dog grown up or has the owner shrunk?

3. Dimensions change, but the charm remains

four. 8 weeks and 6 months

5. During the journey, the dog could grow up

6. Someone ate too much

Time passes, but the habits of some pets remain unchanged. The owners even staged a flash mob to prove it with their pets.

7. At 8 weeks and 3 years later

eight. Grew up together

9. 2 months and 5 months

ten. Bernese Mountain Dogs are growing fast

eleven. Now it no longer fits in the bag

12. Something changes, but something remains unchanged

Despite their maturation and a clear increase in size, many dogs in the soul they remain charming puppies.

13. Do not know!

fourteen. The magic of growing up

fifteen. Progress for the year

Not only dogs grow fast, but also seals. They are also able to turn from clumsy balls of wool into luxurious fluffy handsome men in just a couple of months.

Source: twizz .ru

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